Website Widgets Recommended by Experts to Increase Conversion Rate

Whether you are a digital marketer or business owner looking to increase website engagement, conversion rate is critical – it’s the main measure of success and impacts your bottom line. But what strategies can be used in today’s competitive environment to boost website performance? The answer lies in understanding user behavior on websites and implementing helpful widgets that make interactions smoother, from adding extra search filters to helping customers calculate shipping costs quickly. In this post, we will provide seven recommendations from experts regarding effective website widgets for increasing conversions rates. With these tips at hand, businesses can craft an optimized customer experience like never before and open up new channels for growth and profitability!

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1. Social Media Widgets:

A great way to increase website engagement and conversion rates is by integrating social media widgets into your site. According to CRO Agency Los Angeles, this allows users to easily share content from your website and gives them an easy way to follow you on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The more followers and shares you have, the more conversions you’re likely to get as customers are exposed to additional sources of information about your business. Furthermore, it increases brand recognition for potential customers who may not be familiar with your company or services yet.

2. Landing Pages:

Another strategy experts recommend for increasing conversions is using landing pages that are tailored towards a specific target audience. Using personalized elements such as custom visuals, videos and copy can help capture the attention of potential customers and convert them into paying customers. Furthermore, landing pages are a great way to segment your website visitors based on their interests and needs – this data can then be used to create targeted campaigns that cater directly to those customer segments, which in turn maximizes conversions.

3. Search Filters:

Having search filters on product pages is essential for e-commerce websites as it allows users to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. It also improves the overall user experience by presenting only relevant information that is tailored around user preferences. Search filters are especially useful when customers are presented with numerous options across different categories such as clothing size, color, price range etc., allowing them to narrow down their selection and make a purchase decision quickly.

4. Live Chat Widgets:

Live chat widgets are extremely helpful for customer service as they enable businesses to interact with customers in real-time, responding to queries or helping them troubleshoot problems immediately. Furthermore, these widgets can be integrated into websites as well as social media marketing platforms like Facebook Messenger, which allows customers to contact businesses directly from the platform itself – greatly increasing the chances of converting more potential customers.

5. Suggestions & Recommendations Widgets:

These types of widgets use algorithms that analyze customer preferences and offer product recommendations based on user behavior on the website – such as items previously viewed or added to cart but not purchased etc. By suggesting products that are likely to be of interest to the customer, businesses can increase the chances of customers making a purchase.

6. Ratings & Reviews Widgets:

Ratings and reviews widgets provide an easy way for customers to leave feedback about their experiences with your products or services. Having positive ratings on your website not only serves as a source of social proof but also assures potential customers that they’re making the right decision by buying from you. Furthermore, it allows them to make more informed decisions by reading what other people have said about your business before committing to a purchase. Miami Conversion Rate Optimization Services shares that Google review widgets are effective to let your customers leave a comment after their purchase.

7. Shipping Calculator Widgets:

One of the biggest hassles for online shoppers is having to calculate their shipping costs once they’ve added items to their cart. Shipping calculator widgets provide an easy way for customers to estimate their shipping costs without having to go through the entire checkout process. The more convenient your shopping experience is, the higher the chances of conversions – so make sure you add a shipping calculator widget on your website!


In conclusion, integrating social media widgets and using personalized elements such as landing pages can help you increase customer engagement and conversions; search filters and live chat widgets will improve user experience; suggestions & recommendations, ratings & reviews, and shipping calculators also help in boosting conversion rates. Implementing these website widgets as recommended by experts can definitely help businesses boost sales and revenue in no time at all.