Mobile LPR

Ability to explain and enforce parking rules and regulations. Ability to report suspicious activity and safety infractions to supervisor. Individuals are allowed to add or remove vehicles to their parking permit at any time, which will include loaner or rental cars. Once your usage of this temporary vehicle has ended, you will need to notify Parking Services to remove it.
Students will still be able to register for and purchase most permits online as they have always done. The only difference will be that entering license plate information is now required. At this time, you may register up to 5 license plates on your account. Currently, most garages on campus operate with gate equipment. parking machine manufacturer will be used to enforce designated parking zone locations in garages. At the Poplars garage, LPR is used to ensure a permit is valid or payment via ParkMobile has been made.
LPR plates that can be mounted to your front bumper are available for purchase in our office located in the Vermont Street Garage at 1004 W. These plates will not expire and do not need to be renewed annually. Because LPR technology only works if a license plate can be read by the LPR scanners, it is imperative that your license plate always face the drive lane. The only exceptions to this rule will be vehicles that already have a state-issued plate on the front of their vehicle or have affixed an IU campus-issued LPR plate to the front bumper.
Aggregated License Plate Recognition data helps drivers find available parking spots by alerting them to what levels, garages, and lots have the most availability. Facility managers can create a list of targeted or unauthorized vehicles. Then EPIC iO’s DeepInsights AI alerts security when any vehicle on the list shows up on camera.
The unlicensed vehicles we usually refer to generally refer to unlicensed automobiles, and non-automotive vehicles such as scooters, tricycles, motorcycles, and bicycles for the elderly. Macrosafe uses a heuristic license plate location algorithm, making the comprehensive license plate detection rate as high as 99.7%. Voice play the recognized license plate, I wish you a good journey and other prompts. The display screen shows the valid period of the car or balance , the amount of charge , wishing you a smooth journey and other prompts. ④, Voice play the recognized license plate, welcome and other prompts.
To avoid being cited in error, we recommend only listing your vehicle on your own virtual permit. If the vehicle has a valid virtual permit, listing the vehicle on another account is not necessary. To register a second vehicle to your virtual permit temporarily, please visit your online parking account.
LPR data is only used for citations and parking lot and garage management. Non-citation related electronic data is purged regularly and will not be shared with external entities. RoVR is a cloud-based solution that helps you identify scofflaw offenders by quickly locating the registered owner information for individuals responsible for unpaid parking tickets, with no manual data entry. These sites can be dark and poorly lit, so a standard definition security camera might not deliver the video evidence required to help law enforcement investigate crime and secure arrests.