Chamber Silent Auction Online in 2020

For example, each year-long subscription plan comes equipped with a certain number of auctions it can support. This means you can choose the plan that most closely resembles your event calendar and pay for additional upgrades if need be. Attractive visuals go a long way in promoting your prizes and amplifying bids. Look for consignment companies such as LuxGive that offer professional marketing materials for all their packages. And with ACME’s latest donation feature, you can define exactly what your organization wants and needs for its latest auction event. You can feature any number of things on your auction scoreboard.
Admins have control over auction listings and can show or hide them. They can also suggest similar auctions on ended pages and easily embed listings anywhere on the site using shortcodes. Plus, they can ban users from bidding and hide usernames to ensure security. Upgrading to the premium version unlocks advanced functionalities, including proxy auctions to prevent sniping and the ability to relist auctions based on specific criteria. And finally, if you have many auction items, create Post Topics for each of your item categories (e.g., “Memorabilia”, “Travel”, “Dining”, etc…).
Remember that, while you focus your event on raising money, you should also focus on the donor experience. Choose a software solution that doesn’t just make things easy on the backend but creates a fun and memorable auction for your participants. Auctria allows you to track every part of your auction in extensive detail, all in one place. Silent Auction Pro aims to save your nonprofit time by simplifying your auction management process. Auction events have the potential to increase your organization’s funds dramatically. Between unique auction items and eager bidders, your event can provoke friendly competition and bring in a significant amount of revenue—so long as you have the right tools to manage it.
Amid the ongoing shift towards remote strategies both in terms of donor engagement and internal operations, ensuring your board has an effective way to communicate and collaborate is key. Guests just need to click a link and they can instantly begin bidding! best items for silent auction means that supporters from all around the world—not just those at your event—can participate in your auction. Whether you’re brand new to auctions or a seasoned professional, you’ll find it incredibly easy to adopt this auction platform and supercharge your fundraising efforts. Qgiv’s auction suite starts at $229/month with an additional 3.95% +$0.30 per transaction made.
Auctria is a charity auction software company dedicated to providing affordable tools to help nonprofits of any size run successful fundraising auctions. Snowball Fundraising offers a full fundraising suite for small nonprofits, and one of the features they offer works for silent auctions. Their overall suite includes campaign pages, text-to-give, event ticketing, and supporter management tools.
Their ticketing and seat-saving capabilities provide live auction flexibility, as well. If you need to switch your auction format, Silent Auction Pro’s software solution has your back. Running several auctions per year can cause a strain on your team’s energy while putting your organizational efforts to the test.
They’ll use the help and experience of their new friend, a real-life 16-year-old auctioneer, to navigate the auction and steer out of trouble. Silent auctions will feature overnight getaways, tickets to theatre, music and sporting events, gift certificates to local restaurants and stores, fine art, gift baskets, jewelry and more. Our Auction Specialists help you navigate the AS-IS market and find the right car for you at the best possible price. Get help via phone, skype, live chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram or email at any time.
OneCause simplifies ticketing and table management, allowing auction planners to create customized ticket packages. Plus, you can keep donor management at the forefront with access to real-time donor engagement analytics. Qgiv provides a silent auction website, mobile bidding app, and event management software. This way, participants and fundraisers will have all the tools they need to create a successful virtual auction.